Never tell your client that his requirements are more or less the same as those of everyone else. Every customer is unique. Special. But what about his employees’ holiday requests, expenses and HR hiring process? In most cases, this is not part of the core business of your customer. So, how should you deal with it?


“Don’t repeat yourself!”

You should keep the following in mind when implementing software with big impact for “outside-the-core” activities of your customer:

  • Avoid reinventing the wheel. Do not lose too much time in workshops.
  • Don’t take the risk to deploy some hidden bugs that would imply many accounting disasters.
  • Include change management activities in your project. This helps to avoid endless discussions and budget overruns.

 I personally would advise you to use an ERP package (Enterprise Resource Planning) when possible, and integrate it into the current company tools. Doing so, a large part of the company needs are described and supported at once. Focus your energy on critical and specific tasks (governance, automatic testing, release management, technical debt management and so on).

Quite a lot of companies use SharePoint as an entry point. It functions as a portal for the end-user. Hence, it can be integrated with many popular ERP solutions on the market.

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