Customer centricity is one of the buzz words that has been dominating the web for the past two years. We have all been talking and blogging about the fact that our customer comes first. Our clients are the center of our universe. We don’t make money when we sell things, we make money when we help customers make purchase decisions (Jeff Bezos, Amazon).

What does the customer really think?

Yet somehow, that same customer is not always enjoying the undivided and personalized attention we are offering him. According to a survey by Communispace, 87% of those questioned would activate a “do not track” option if it were available. Does this mean that we should drop tracking and personalization altogether? No, but it is a very strong signal that we, as marketers, have to take a step back and contemplate whether we are actually trying to be relevant and helpful, or whether we are just trying to hawk our products under the guise of customer centricity.

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